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Old Eddie and the Sea

It was a test match of which Ernest Hemingway would have approved. A trial of colossal strength, of titanic willpower. The American loved his bloodsports, loved to see men arm-wrestle for hours on end, and Saturday afternoon had two heavyweights … Continue reading

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Babchenko-ing and the Boks

Babchenko. Soon to be a verb. As in, he’s babchenkoed himself on the end of that move. Meaning: assumed gone, only to appear alive and well to the surprise of everyone. If a commentator doesn’t describe a player babchenko-ing themselves … Continue reading

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Nowell’s House Party

Me talking about Haskell, labradors, gravitational physics, marker pens and Sam Burgess’ mum for The Rugby Blog James Haskell is a difficult man to love. He’s in love with himself for starters; a crowded relationship like that can always be … Continue reading

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The Rising Sun

Trying to write about what happened at the Brighton Community Stadium on the first Saturday of the Rugby World Cup is tricky. For the uninitiated, our sport finds it difficult to serve up upsets. The scoring processes are multiple and … Continue reading

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