Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts writes and talks about sport.

Most sports will get him going, but rugby tends to be where people start employing him. As well as showing you what Sam can do for your event or TV programme, this website archives the articles Sam has written. Please have a look around.

When not talking or writing about rugby, Sam can be found running charity auctions and compering events. He works on the after dinner circuit and for numerous charities making sure people have a very good time while raising money. He is regarded by many as one of the best men you can have doing an auction. He involves everyone, especially those not bidding, and draws out as much money as he can.

If you are after someone to commentate on a sporting occasion, present an event or auction promises, Sam will provide a word-perfect, fun and professional service.

“You saved me a huge job tonight Sam and raised twice as much money as we thought on the auction – thank you, we will continue to recommend you.”
Bob Wilson, former Arsenal and Scotland Goalkeeper, TV Presenter and
Founder of the Willow Foundation.

“Working with Sam Roberts is always a pleasure and he is a complete professional in terms of his dedication and his innovative approach!  Sam was with us from the beginning and helped both craft and deliver Gloucester Rugby’s first ever podcasts – the Podding Shed, delivering 10 episodes over the 2018-19 Rugby season. Sam has been central in both making it happen and in its success and we look forward to working with him in the future!”

Helen Roe, Head of Marketing & Communications, Gloucester Rugby

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