Rugby World Magazine partners up with ‘One Game at a Time’

I’m exceptionally pleased to let you know that I have joined forces with Rugby World Magazine to produce the podcast series ‘One Game at a Time’. Rugby World Magazine is the best-selling rugby magazine in the world and they have seen the potential in what I am trying to achieve.


For those already listening, nothing really changes: the first two episodes with Tom Curry and James Simpson-Daniel remain the same and you can still listen on Acast and iTunes (you will notice a small update in artwork and production). But for me, the partnership means that the guests we now have lined up is so exciting.  I know every rugby fan will want to hear the thoughts and mindset of the incredible rugby talent coming on the show.

Most importantly, Rugby World Magazine are also committed to my mission to make the podcast honest, insightful and ultimately positive about the game we all love. I think we can work together to produce a really good product for every rugby fan.

As a reader of my website, I can give you a bit of a sneak peek into the next episode: not only a top-flight player with over 150 appearances for Harlequins, Karl Dickson is quickly becoming one of the best referees in the game. He talks to me about how he made the transition, what he thinks about when he’s reffing and what it was like taking charge of his first-ever Premiership match. His candour is refreshing and you really get to understand what it is like to be the man in the middle. This episode will be released on Tuesday 9th June – make sure you subscribe and download.

Here is Rugby World’s press release –
Here is the podcast channel on Acast:
Here is the iTunes link:
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2 Responses to Rugby World Magazine partners up with ‘One Game at a Time’

  1. Steve Johns says:

    Hi Sam,

    I’ve been following your content for a while and wanted to say a massive congratulations for this collaboration with RW. It’s everything you deserve and I’m looking forward to new stuff coming out! You don’t need such endorsements to validate your work because what you put out is great quality – however it’s a testament to you that it’s happened.

    All the best,




    • Sam Roberts says:

      Well, that is very kind of you to take the time to let me know. Thank you. We do have some great podcasts coming people’s way and it is all borne out of a love for the same sport. Best wishes Steve, and thank you again.



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