The Unbelievable World of Scott Francis

Linford Christie, the man whose ice cold stare and lengthening stride took him all the way to the top of the sprinting world, is calling someone out on social media. Britain’s greatest sprinter is rolling around on the floor, laughing his rather compact arse off. It’s enough to pique my interest and as I start to forage further, asking more and more questions, a curious picture starts to emerge. The subject of Linford’s hilarity is a story of incredible audacity; a tale in which Christie (amongst other sports stars) is unfortunately and unwillingly involved. It’s one that reveals a desperately unregulated industry and a man prepared to do almost anything to take people’s money. Welcome to the unbelievable world of Scott Francis.

Francis is a difficult man to pin down, and it doesn’t take much research to find out why. On the face of it, he is man obsessed with weight loss and personal fitness, who also seems prone to exaggeration. Dig a little deeper and you discover gymfuls of distrust and anger aimed at a man who has spent a large amount of time making things up.

The personal trainer world is competitive. People are increasingly turning to experts to help them get fitter. The fitness business sector is worth billions and every quarter there is a new fad explaining how you will lower your body fat % quicker. At the top end, there is high intensity weight training and bodybuilding. As you would expect, it’s a world crammed full of bare chested selfies, narcissism and hormone-fuelled jealousy. Claims and counterclaims of personal achievements are two a penny, and shameless self publicity is a necessary evil. Scott Francis however, takes things to a whole new level. Back in 2013, Scott Francis aka Dutch Scott made some pretty sizeable claims on a popular muscle and fitness web forum. It’s worth a read; it’s the sort of thing that would make Jay Cartwright from ‘The Inbetweeners’ blush:


This is such an incredible missive, it needs breaking down. Scott has been asked with whom he has worked. He begins with a list of three rugby players and refers to them all as internationals. David Flatman tells me he’s never met Scott Francis and Matt Banahan points out that since turning pro at 18, he has never been allowed to train outside his club’s strength and conditioning professionals (he has no idea who Francis is either). Ian Davey was never a full international, he was let go by Bath after a handful of first team appearances. He had a couple of successful seasons at Bedford Blues and subsequently flew off to play in Spain. But this is just a start.

Next on Francis’s list of clients is Boudewijn Zenden (I had to look up how to spell this so I’m not going to draw attention to the fact he gets it wrong). This is my favourite. Lovely and exotic sounding, yet played in England for Middlesbrough. Both he and fellow Dutch international Michael Richard (who?) were personally trained by Scott. The inaccuracy of this second name (does he mean Reitziger?) casts shadow on the claim that either has done so much as a push up in front of Francis. But that’s not going to stop our man. A trio of Bristol Rovers players and Bristol City’s Lee Trundle (since of Swansea) were all helped by Francis’ expertise. Scott was at one time based in gyms around Bristol so maybe this has returned to the realms of possibility but remember what Banahan said: contracted players don’t tend to stray too far from their club’s S&C. It’s not long before things get doubtful again.

Francis suddenly becomes integral to the British Olympic team. Yep, this is the motherload; he’s using capitals. Our silver tongued friend reels off the aforementioned Christie but also Marlon Devenish (sic), Ato Bolden (sic), Darren Campbell and Jamie Baulsch (sic). These were some of the world’s finest fast men. All ‘personally overseen’ by Francis. He gave them tuition. Christie’s reaction to him via social media is pretty conclusive. I think we have someone stretching the truth here, not people’s hamstrings.

Linford Christie responds via Twitter

And international athletics is just one of many sports to which our man has turned his hand. MMA, British Jujitsu, Cage fighters, British Boxing Heavyweight contenders have also supped from Francis’ cup of plenty. How does he fit them all in? Time for something a little left field… The cast of Skins? You know, that programme on E4 starring um, er, it doesn’t matter. Apparently all of them came to him for nutritional advice. Right, he’s starting to sound like that loud bloke down your local, on to his fifth pint.

Scott is now getting forgetful. He starts leaving out famous people, because there’s like, so many (I would have left out the Skins guys out btw). We get painfully self-aggrandising yet grammatically awkward phrases like ‘I was the ****ing man with whom had multi facets’ and ‘I pi55 excellence’, and lastly ‘I’m elite, I’m classed as elite, I’m elitely qualified’. Having got himself all horny with such talk, Scott finishes a la Cartwright. As if his sports star shoulder-rubbing hasn’t sealed the deal, perhaps who he has ‘nailed’ will do the trick. No less than 413 HB10s (Hot bitch 10/10s) including some notable prize winners (he is careful to include the elite plus size ladies). Luckily, our man refrains from posting a naked picture of himself (I think JW was after something slightly less homoerotic when he asked for your credentials, Scott) and signs off safe in the knowledge that all questions have been answered.

We all like to big ourselves up. It is natural; when you’re with your mates, you extend the truth. Stories of personal endeavour, triumph, encounters with the opposite sex, sure, we’ve all lied to impress. I’m sure there are thousands of examples of people talking themselves up online, perhaps with lines better than those of Francis. But when your lies start to con money out of people, things start to get a little dark. It doesn’t take long to find some of Francis’ dissatisfied customers. People who, after reading and hearing about his clientele, gave Scott their hard earned cash in the hope of receiving some top notch advice and training.

Back in May 2015, Kezia Ficicchia didn’t place as well as she should have done at the World Body Fitness Federation Pro Competition. She had seen Francis’ boastful claims on Instagram, and even though she recognised his methods were a bit extreme, she reached out to him.


“I followed him on Instagram and saw his client list. I left my old coach and got in contact with Scott and asked him to prep me. He asked for money upfront which, regretfully, I gave him: £800 for a 16 week course. He said he’d send me an email with my prep on it, things I needed to buy and eat. He’d been quite communicative previously, but once he had my money he dropped off the radar. The start date was approaching (16 weeks out from the competition) and I emailed him asking where my prep was. Nothing. I found it all a bit weird as my previous coach had been very good at keeping in contact. It got to the Saturday and I still had nothing from him so I tried a stronger approach. Still nothing. Sunday came and went and the deadline for me to start had passed. I still hadn’t heard anything from him. A few days later (31st) I then got an email from him. He forwarded me an email he’d supposedly sent on the 24th July with my prep on it.”

“The whole thing was so badly written, phrases and sentences not really making sense, and I had the distinct feeling he’d copied and pasted someone else’s plan and just changed the name. He was telling me to lift weights and do exercises I was never going to be able to do because of my size. At one point the prep just said ‘abs’, no other instruction, just the word abs. I thought I was getting a personal and detailed service, yet I felt like an afterthought. It seemed like a complete cop out. So I wanted my money back.”

Kezia chased Francis and again met with silence. He evaded her for weeks and eventually informed her she wouldn’t get a refund because he’d sent her the plan; he’d done what she had asked. She took it to the small claims court and they found in her favour. They concluded that Francis legally owed her the money back. She is still chasing him; the address Francis gave is no longer where he is based.

Arfon James knows that. He went there in person chasing the £450 Scott owed him after a very similar encounter. “The people that are now there said he disappeared six months ago and they’ve had a lot of people asking. I was one of many who’d visited apparently.”

James had asked for a ten week plan and again, felt the Francis love right up to the point where he parted with his money. “I just didn’t hear anything from him for ten days. He eventually came back and sent me through a plan of sorts. He’d completely ignored the lengthy questionnaire he’d asked me to fill out. He wanted me training on days I already did an hour and a half of Jujitsu and down on less than 2000 calories. I tried it but I couldn’t; I ended up at the doctors. His plan made me ill. I asked for my money back and even though he took my bank account details, I never heard from him again. I tried his social media channels but he just blocked me or deleted my messages. I know it’s not mega money but it was more the principle. I felt he’d taken me for a ride. I went to the business address to try and confront him but he’s long gone. I’ll have to pay more to take it though the courts. I don’t think I will. Maybe this is what he is counting on.”

Jamie Wagland did get some money back. He also signed up for a ten week course with Francis. “It was only £100 out of the £450 I’d given him but it was something. I was lucky I suppose because someone I was training (Wagland himself is a personal trainer) was a lawyer and he helped me; told me what letters to write. Scott avoided any contact for so long that it was the only avenue left to me. I could see him continuing to brag on social media and I felt he’d completely pulled one over on me. I attacked him via those channels because I wanted to try and warn people about him, but now I’ve moved on; you have to. He conned me out of money but I couldn’t waste any more time. The plan he sent was an embarrassment. In the questionnaire I specifically laid out that Thursday morning was impossible for me because of other commitments. What did my plan say: a huge workload on Thursday am. Also, the exercises were so vague, anyone with just a small amount of knowledge would see they weren’t right.”

IMG_1001 (2)IMG_1001 (1)
Francis claims involvement in a disabled athlete’s training, but the reality is very different

Jamie Sutton was someone given excuses by Francis. Having chased him for his paid for plan over two weeks, all Sutton got in return was ‘Sorry, I’ve been on holiday, I’ll send it through soon.’ There are others who claim Francis has had family members die or been involved in car crashes to avoid dealing with people. Again, Sutton wanted his money back and again a lot of chasing ensued. “Eventually, after numerous occasions where he said he’d sent the money without sending anything, I got £100 back. I’m obviously after all of it but at least I have something.”

“Unfortunately,” continues Sutton, “There’s no real regulation in the fitness industry to prevent stuff like this happening. And the amounts aren’t quite big enough to take proper court action and get the bailiffs round.” And that’s just it, it’s a cute game. Francis doesn’t seem to upset the top layer of the sport. Far from it, there are top level pros condoning his work. He must keep them all very happy, using his time and knowledge to good effect. But this secondary and tertiary level of person, people happy to spend hundreds perhaps thousands of pounds on his advice, he takes their money and runs.

Francis is a slippery fish. He claimed, via social media, to have a first class degree in Biochemistry. Teesside University confirmed that Francis, in 2014, was only awarded a Certificate of Higher Education in Public Relations. Goodness knows what possesses him to claim such study, especially as it is so easily checked. Maybe he feels it would give him standing in the dangerous world of Performance Enhancing Drugs, which so clutter the world of extreme fitness and bodybuilding. There are rumours flying around the web that Francis allegedly got involved with a body builder and put him in hospital because of what he told him to inject. The man named online as having had that happen to him refused to confirm anything and wanted nothing to do with my article. He messaged “He’s a waste of space and isn’t worth the time… There’s nothing positive that can come from being involved with Scott Francis.”


Even more worrying is the presence of an alleged ‘charity’ GiveBack. This was supposedly set up by Francis to help people fighting cancer but it seems to have provided him with only more avenues to lead people along. There has never been a charity set up by Francis in this name. At one point he tried to suggest he was helping the disabled, as well as helping those with fighting devastating illnesses. But there seems little to suggest anything other than the fact that he was just riding a wave. At one point on twitter, a qualified personal trainer questions the idea of working with those suffering; Francis’ response is bizarre.

IMG_0992 (1)

The final words of this piece go to Francis. I made contact with him explaining my article. I told him the claims people were making and that I wanted to give him chance to speak. I contacted him via an email address I knew would work, there are many that don’t. I gave him a week, after all, I wasn’t going to chase like so many before me. I asked him to respond in some way, laying out the questions we had. He didn’t reply. Not in any shape or form. And yet, I know the email address is active because at the same time, he gave it to my cousin who posed as a punter, wanting some ‘help’.

Here is a man more than happy to talk rubbish. Happy to take credit for the work of others. Happy to claim serious qualification when he has no such thing. Happy to take honest people’s money. Happy to avoid all consequences, evade questions and take no responsibility as someone providing a professional service. Happy to exist in an industry which will allow him to get away with this sort of confidence trick. Scott Francis is happy to live a life which is a lie. Which, all in all, makes you feel really quite sad.



Sam Roberts © 2016. (Text only). All Rights Reserved


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121 Responses to The Unbelievable World of Scott Francis

  1. Sarah says:

    I used to work in a gym that he’d train in when he was in Cardiff.. I’ve listened to his bold claims and he sounds as much of a joke in person as he does on social media.


  2. Renzo says:

    Well guys, he’s still in Cardiff, Peak Physique gym infact, he’s not hiding, I’m reading the same old stuff about him week in week out, oddly by the same people, why hasn’t anyone confronted him face to face, If he’s defrauded people by creating a bogus charity, why hasn’t the serious fraud squad paid him a visit? Come on folks, stop the chit chat and face him, he’s even got a stand at Body Power, go and confront him.


  3. katief says:

    are you having a laugh renzo? stand at bodypower??? hes only been in cardiff to film one video as hes lost about 10 court cases he bottled turning up to defend hasnt returned to his rented address and now owes thousands when the bailiffs catch up with him hence hising out with ex cloents in manchester leeds and essex. funny how you use the same wording serious fraud squad FD uses in his last video. hi scott 😉


  4. dan yeomans says:

    didnt jordan ban him from ufit in 2014 for telling people he worked there and stalking staff????


  5. Foz says:

    Blimey, is this crap still going on? Why are people still parting with their hard earned cash to this clown?


  6. laura s says:

    scott stole £800 from me after claiming i had wasted his time. for what i dont know because he never actually sent me anything after receiving my payment and completed questionnaire. i fell for the claims he was a qualified life changing coach which he should change to life RUINING. I took him to small claims court and he didnt have the guts to turn up so he lost the case and now legally owes me my money plus court costs and bailliffs fees which have doubled the amount. theres at least 10 of us waiting for him to slip up now. only a matter of time before the lies all catch up with him. i recommend anybody hes lied to or swindled to contact the scambusters team at trading standatds wales who were amazing and helped me fill out the refund forms after explaining he had no legal basis to make up his own stipulations and keep my money when his entire business being based on false claims is fraudulent practice. google it!


  7. the fit coach says:

    Sorry but theres no way scott francis has a stand at bodypower. too many people want to chin him!! whats he going to be selling anyway telling people to take 25mg more anavar than the rest of the competition and to cut on amphetamines like his plans!!??!!


  8. katie d says:

    ahhh plastic scott the guy who pretended to own a porsche when he was just renting a clapped out skoda from ascot motors and told everybody he had a cardiff bay bachelor pad when he was really sleeping on peoples couches. bless. good to see his bullshitting took him places lmfao!!


  9. Jane says:

    Victims of his allegedly dishonest ways should colelctively go to Scambusters – Trading Standards (Wales) and make a complaint.
    Renzo queries why the Serious Fraud Squad have not investigated him if all of the claims are true – the point is that in ‘Serious Fraud’ terms this is not serious. That is why he has allegedly been able to continue to do what he is doing. Trading Standards have the power to investigate. Also the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 gives statutory power to bodies such as Which? (as well as Trading Standards etc) to insist that non-compliant businesses (ie Scott Francis) offer compensation to affected consumers.


  10. cardiff lad says:

    I dont know why renz is even bothering to back scott up. a) hes always been a complete pussy to peoples faces and wouldnt have been on the run for the best part of two years. and b) this serious fraud squad business is rubbish because its well known people can canvas for charities and take a cut. what this detracts from is scott is a compulsive liar who had used false confidence and claimed qualifications and expertise to persuade people to spend serious money in false confidence. secondly scott himself must know this is a lie because why else would he be so sketchy and move from address to address all his websites are still registered to old addresses in bristol. hes done a runner from his cardiff address so is now officially awol and cant be traced by police. he also is so paranoid he wont even give out a mobile number or whatsapp so if scott had nothing to hide then why doesnt he provide contact details where customers + the authorities can speak to him??? it doesnt add up. the man is in up to his neck so why pretend hes not in hiding


  11. gary evans says:

    if scott is not lying as he claims then why has he vacated his last known cardiff address for nearly a year and gone into hiding and why does he go through so much effort to avoid even giving a phone number or whatsapp details to paying customers? providing an address trading standards and the authorities can reach him on would immediately settle that. but hes in too deep now and everybody knows this is just another attempt at deflecting the growing case thats building against him. the games over scott.


  12. barryjordan says:

    how are serious fraud squad supposed to investigate when you refuse to give out phone numbers even to paying clients and youve done a runner from your last known address #hmm


  13. projectG says:

    So much more thats not been said. him claiming to be a myprotein sponsored athlete and having their logo in his header bio despite having no affiliation. claiming he was working for victorias secret. . . he even went as far as having clare gillon make him t shirts for his fake charity. wtf dude.


  14. For reasons I wont go into here I happen to have quite intimate knowledge of the processes behind lying and the different types of liars that there are. I will only say this- I told a series of lies that took me on a truly extreme “adventure” that could literally have killed me and deeply hurt many people around me. I would like to share a really good article about lying. It breaks down the reasons people lie. It’s a long post on a forum but will be worth reading for those who have ever been taken in by a liar-

    Is Scott Francis a compulsive liar or a sociopathic liar? I invite comment and discussion based upon this question. I am undecided. Perhaps a mix?


  15. beefy says:

    oh man. i can remember this idiot from my days at ufit. he used to turn up looking like his mum still dressed him and sit for hours in the entrance. the type of guy whod start a conversation and then you couldnt get rid of him so youd try to avoif him and not even make eye contact which is hard to do when hes six foot and dresses like a clown. hed train with the same few guys who were stupid enough to believe his stories but the funniest thing youd see him iin the mirrors and on the machines trying to contort himself for his phone camera. but then youd look at his youtube the day after and hed make like a whole camera crew had been there filming as if he had his own fly on the wall tv show. definitely 101 percent mental.


  16. marsellus D says:

    being on that bbc3 show went to his already fragile ego. the producers should have carried out a psychological assessment because he wasnt all there to begin with. i can remember him coming back to the forums (he was already banned by this point) to gloat that the great dutch dcott we had all been busy ripping was finally on tv. hes like a big kid. the fact that the topic of the show was about body dysmorphia and he was claiming to hate his muscled body and the amount of drugs he was taking and was seeking professional help to turn his life around because he feared he wss going to wind up dead. seemed to go over his head. its important to note he was SEEKING HELP on that show and being trained by somebody else. but within weeks he had ‘as seen on bbc3’ in his bios like HE was the tv coach whos professional advice was being featured and back on more gear than ever. the guy needs professional help.


  17. evesey says:

    i remember looking at his twitter and he would be reposting praise from his clients who were all supposed to be wall street bankers with lambos and ferraris and hed be having direct convos with them and theyd be thanking him for changing their life pushing his services to more people. but then youd look closer and hed say hed been out for a spin in their car and trained them in a devestating biceps session in cardiff and then the penny dropped because id been training and doing cardio every day that week and he only had one friend that DSF Fitness and nobody had these supercars in cardiff…. it was only then you realised these globe trotting wall st execs typed exactly like him and he must be sat at home setting up these accounts and talking to himself. lots of mentions of people hes robbed talking of speaking to his staff members too. umm scott doesnt have any staff #DoodoododoDoodoododo


  18. will hunting says:

    scott will pay the price for pretending to be an expert in a field of experts. for being arrogant or stupid enough to keep thinking he could continue to pull the wool over peoples eyes by targetting gullible people who didnt know any better despite anybody who had half a clue knowing exactly what he was upto. to be so psychologically affected to think he could live in a vacuum and then go on to exploit these people and think they would still stand by him because HE had their money and because of outright lies he told. and then invent up more lies to avoid paying them back. its surprising its gone on for this long without authorities being involved really, he was known as the local bullshitter 3-4 years ago. I mean, the red flags arent even hard to spot…


  19. donal says:

    lol i love that vid where he admits to setting up a charity then in the space of a minute has said he didnt set up a charity and is asking us to prove it lmfao. i can remember the whole youtube campaign and him printing off t shirts and telling us that man united nike underarmour and smart shaker were already on board. and all for a service he isnt qualified to provide that….. already exists lol the man must have spanners instead of brain cells because just trying to understand him makes my head hurt! get back on the meds francis!!


  20. ben mal says:

    he prepped my mate jack twice. sorted him out a source despite telling everybody he was 100% natty. had him looking like skeletor and he made no gains because he was just told to eat white fish. didnt place once despite blowing smoke up at his arse that he knew all the judges and would place. the last straw was when he invited him down to cardiff for a weeks intense training. jack booked a week of his holiday days off work then francis disappears #parred he just uses people like meat so he can take selfies standing next to them and look legit


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  22. emmaH says:

    He told me one WBFF europe winner only placed for performing a sex act on a london based judge and anothers child wasnt her hubbys but the result of an affair with her at the time also married to a dubai based divas prep coach. Je then threatened me when I wanted to escape the clutches of his poisonous messages after blocking him. I think he just likes to make up lies and stir the shit. thats what snakes like scott crave xxx


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  24. sophie says:

    i can understand people mistakenly thinking he knows what hes talking about re: steroids. but the chances he takes with his health and others plus his understanding in general is deeply flawed. hes already left 3 people I know in hospital needing medical treatment just to get well and theres probably more. why would anybody pay money and take risks like that to man who cant even write a coherent sentence???


  25. sammy says:

    quite a few of these bad eggs about. only last week i got sent an article titled “man who posted private sexual images of cheshunt woman to the internet dodges jail” and the guy is a popular fitness model sponsored by phd called chris spearman who still has over 300 mutuals. these guys take drugs and reach so much power in these unregulated industries people are scared to speak out or even worse cover for them if they think it will open doors. all thess monsters deserve to be outed like this and fast!!


  26. steve says:

    the guy is seriously mentally ill. its plain for all to see. hes always been too stupid to realise people are laughing AT him and he mistakes criticism for attention. hes now trying to make out hes some kind of sage who can turn about 5 years of the most shameless incriminating lies and accusations with the same kind of steaming bullnox he uses to scam money from gullible innocents. the guys more insane than gazza and even hes got a stand at bodypower :’)


  27. rox says:

    OMG you should have been at bodypower. everybody was looking out for him after this expose. the last few months hes suddenly had a new bezzie a guy called Sean Parker who calls himself a celebrity trainer but found is the toyboy of a 63 year old real estate magnate called Roberta. but get this. sean was a rep for fit fuel uk a company that sells microwave meals. fitfuel announced they were hosting michelle lewin and paige hathaway in december and it doesnt take a genius to work out scott found this out and attatched himself to sean and acted the begfriend making him part of his latest blag. i mean he even had to borrow him his fitfuel t shirt as i didnt see scott with any pass or in their promo material and scott spent the whole weekend stalking these girls like a 12 year old trying to tuck up his first boner even going as far as to walk behind their bodyguards filming with his iphone posting snapchats claiming hes just “walked her in” :’) :’) :’) the guy is an utter embarrassment. seriously made me questin whether i want to be in this industry anymore 😦


  28. dave evans says:

    LMFAO stalker scott at bodypower. all I will say is WOW fitfuel uk have made an absolute howler not parring off this weapon!!!


  29. harry patch says:

    yep. all scott wanted was a selfie with paige hathaway so he could continue scamming single mums and teenage girls by claiming he secretly trained them. thats all there has ever been to scammy scott francis. he doesnt even train his athletes he just tells them to take 25g more anavar when theyre not making progress. people want to be part of his ‘team’ because theyre conned into believing theres something more to him. but his photo opportunities are blags too. its a house of lies stacked on top on thin air. this sean is no different. hes just the latest sucker with more money than sense who will be taken to the cleaners by helping scammy scott keep the delusional fantasy alive. its just utterly sad. shame on fit fuel. i feel sorry for paige and michelle for having to tolerate this mentally stunted ballbag. he looks like he smells of lynx deo and gym socks


  30. sammy g says:

    rumour is sean and scott are lovers. sean only married the old bird for her money he put up with it while she acted as his beard and financed his fitness career. it didnt take off. he has the money to pay bent companies let him and scott tag along. theyre both idiots whove vowed to have each others back. sociopathic narcissists obsessed with going down in history who are too stupid to realise it takes a little bit more than enough gear to poleaxe and elephant and grunting out cheat reps with sloppy form and taking grotty photos with things shoved down their boxers #barbarianbrothers! isnt it funny how FD SFP and their mancrush mike o’hearn are all going prematurely bald #lol


  31. tone says:

    funniest thing was watching how much negative publicity fit fuel got all weekend. and scott never leaving a meter of the security team or turning his camera phone off because of the sheer anout of people who want to bang him out!!!!


  32. tommy b says:

    one thing you will notice is of all the people getting photos with their favourite coaches and stars I dont think ive seen ONE of anybody prepared to get a selfie with bradley coopers fugly jug eared twin lol


  33. joseph E says:

    it seems like scotts new bezzie is cut from the same school of bullshitting as scott. see his latest insta post where hes claiming hes already one of the worlds top S&C coaches. (ok is he even a qualified coach which professional athletes and teams has he worked with?) in the photo with big Z he also says his and scotts hybrid training system is the best system in the world. well hybrid training is already a long established system pioneered by the US coach Alex Viada author of the book the hybrid athlete. scotts already pulled similar plagiarising tactics his workouts are copy and pasted from Dante Trudels DC training and he stole his steroid cycles from paul borresens steroid secrets handbook. no question as to what these two chumps are up to here. are they they stupid they think people in fitness arent aware of each others work and that people are too thick to google!?


  34. Nick says:

    oh dear. fitfuel were well aware of scotts status as we personally forwarded them this article along with evidence of his lost court cases for fraud when SFP said he was attending BP as his assistant. however theyve chosen to delete comments and tarnish the reputation of athletes like michelle lrwin and paige hathaway who will probably feature heavily in all scotts scams from now on. id seek legal advice if i was them.


  35. jen S says:

    totally. if I was michelle and paige id seek a restraining order straight away. theres so many creepy pics from bodypower of people getting selfies with them and hes lurking fixated on them like a psycho stalker in the background on every single one. people who knew what was going on felt so sorry for them! he had no reason to be there. he wasnt doing any actual work. the guy just grosses me out considering how blatant he is. a restraining order or putting in a complaint is recommended because once hes been cautioned any weird scams or identity theft he tries to pull after, which lets face it is scotts thing, will land him straight back in court so act as a deterrent. if i were them id never work with fit fuel again. cowboys


  36. anna says:

    omg scott tried to grab me and pull me close for a selfie and force me into being polite under the gaze of his creepy cam and I just told him to fuck rite off and pulled ‘the face’ (google jenna marbles vid on how to avoid people you dont want to talk to) and he scuttled back off to his beardy mate hoping noone seen. wish someone caught it on film. pretty sure 99.999% of people purposely went out of their way to avoid walking past him. hes a chode. a creepy lurking chode who looks like a kid on his first day at school in his bros hand me down clothes. :’)


  37. ryan evso says:

    This article was shared and reposted pretty much by anyone who was anyone in the online fitness community just a few weeks before BodyPower. so funny watching all eyes on the biggest faker in fitness and him falling exactly into the trap. Shame on fitfuel and the bodypower organisers for setting the standard so low this year lol notice how many of the biggest achievers bowed out


  38. jonno says:

    hes just been rumbled again. somebody he spoke to at bodypower who had already qualified for the finals has just complained that scotts reposted 2 of her pics without permission. no input. no coaching. but now all her hard work is now being used as an add to sell plans claiming hes now coaching 5 girls in the wbff finals and knowing scott hes not held a single training session with any one of them. this is a classic FD manipulation to see just how much he can get away and guilt trip his target who he will have worked out to be alone and vulnerable into being scared to speak out. I wonder how many plans he will sell off the back of her photos from gullible bodypower goers who with see his selfie with paige hathaway and think FD was responsible for all this girls years of hard work. I think you should contact fitfuel as to whether you can get confirmation as to whether he was actually a rep or just tried to associate himself with the brand and blow the lid off this scumbag once and for all!!


  39. hayley says:

    the man is actually insane. hes refusing to take down someones photos who he had no training history with to advertise his plans but hes too stupid to realise hes also basically admitting his own advice must be pure cobblers because the few people hes been training for years arent worthy of being on his ads and straight away get replaced. its no wonder scott cant be trusted to run a business or keep any friends for longer than a few months!!!


  40. I remember him training at UFit about 18 months back. Horribly aggressive to his then-girlfriend who I remember seeing close to tears at one point right in the middle of the free weights area.

    More concerned with his phone that getting any actual training done, it was then (admittedly I was massively naiive) that I realised there was nothing natural about his physique. 3 sets of half squats at 100kg in the space of 15 minutes in between painfully long chats with people trying to train do not build legs that size.

    He also used to park his Vauxhall around the side of the gym away from the car park so he could hide the fact that his supercar collection wasn’t his at all.

    Dangerous bloke who prays on the vulnerable in the industry.


  41. adam says:

    used to hound my mrs via the fb call option. the only person ive ever seen sad enough to use it her phone would start ringing and his face would pop up and shed always have missed calls. tries to pump people for dirt on people but weve caught him out bullshitting hedging his bets by faking it too stupid to realise it was us who gave him the info. routinely gets words and names mixed up youre never sure if he has a clue who hes talking too. we thought he must be dyslexic or schizophrenic. also alternates between this pathetic self pitying creeper and then huge delusions of grandeur. out of nowhere he will pull the big I am and try to make out his time is money and because hes been giving you ‘free coaching’ you now owe him. thought it was just an excuse he used when he thought hed been caught out chatting up my mrs. since realised hes like that 24-7 and easy money and preying on the weak is his thing. really disturbimg character and dont know how hes not in jail really.


  42. adam says:

    oh and his ‘free coaching’ consists of him creeping in my mrs inbox and trying to find out information about people lol lets just say being a compulsive liar and having memory like a goldfish hes not the sharpest tool in the box. im always amazed he gets so far being SO BAD at obvious about what he does


  43. Anthony Stuart says:

    he lives with his dad in newport. hes about as successful as my 14 year old sister. he comes into my gym and his address is 9 morgraig avenue. all his bathroom photos are probably taken in his dads toilet. such a loser.


    • Andy Ross says:

      Is that address still live? Am still pursuing him though the small claims court but this is a new address for me – do you have a fuller address/postcode please? Any help appreciated!


      • Anthony Stuart says:

        Andy its 9 MORGRAIG AVENUE,NEWPORT,NP10 8UP. you can google it. its his old mans place. he lives in the spare room from what my other friend told me, all the other addresses will be po boxes and company letter boxes that you can buy an address for a few quid. im all but out of this but hes a snake. this address isnt going anywhere. fraud office probably wont have it as its not in his name. the john street london address is where all his old mans cos are registered. dummy addresses. morgraig is his real house.


  44. Claire says:

    This is what he sent me on the 26th June 2016.

    FD coaching, apologies, i have been full from December until May

    buy 1 get 1 free until June 25
    Prices june 1st offer whilst places last-

    1.interest is so high at the moment – – offer whilst places last-

    2.places are very limited and – 1st to pay first to secure a place

    Every diet and plan is tailored with feedback via email and skype weekly . A generic template then we factor all post week1-
    My in person fee is £125 per hour so for me to put an hour a week to clients you can see how I have been fair with fees
    Taster month which is a plan designed by me for you to see how I coach :

    Tailored plans are bespoke;
    4 weeks diet is £175
    4 weeks diet and training £200

    6 weeks diet and training £300
    10 weeks diet and training £400 daily whatsapps
    12 weeks £550 Daily whatsapps

    16 weeks £850 daily whatsapps and calls

    6months £1200 where would be £1500 same as 12 weeks

    Year fee is £2k

    **NEW PLANS-u can request your plans be Bikini/Ripped/keto4Dummies at any point and the whole plan is dedicated to just this***

    If it’s off season it’s £1500 the 12 months upfront – and includes peak weeks Upto and 4 shows

    **No refund unless injured or illness
    Non negotiable once works started and places booked.**

    🆘peak week preps depend how lost u are & how hard it will be but my base fee is £150 as I will be in contact daily sometimes 3-4 x near the show
    Show ticket is not included
    Try to link with other competitors to reduce day fee

    #AverageFD101 – no one has to be an athlete to BEGIN a journey –
    No competitors elidegable

    A program designed to get you eating and training on track –

    Programs will be specific to goal because over the years I have many templates all in depth and all will yield great results and information packed

    2months £225
    3 months £300

    No payments can be any other way than pre set. A block booking is set in stone . Sorry to sound blunt but I am now picking and choosing clients so payments are set and they were lowered already .
    PLEASE do not ask to pay less than stated it is not an English holiday where bartering takes place. Please ️RESPECT the fees.
    **If once the program start you ️Change the plan / diet and take outside feedback which alters my plans that will terminate our coaching terms. I expect total control which had led to the huge changes and results seen across media. **

    The fee is broken down into initial plans and consultation,ongoing weekly or daily support and all subsequent changes to diet and plan it is NOT broken down by time.
    we aim to get every new program out in a timely manner

    please reply to if you would like to partake in teamFD



    For and on behalf of Francis Diet

    Francis Diet is the trading name of Francis Diet Ltd

    Registered in England & Wales
    Company no : 09551200

    Registered office 145-157 St. John Street London
    EC1V 4PY
    Francis Diet is the Trading Name of Francis Diet Ltd

    Registered in England & Wales Company No. 09551200
    Registered Office: Registered Office: 145-157 St. John Street, LONDON EC1V 4PY
    re very limited and – 1st to pay first to secure a place


  45. Claire says:

    He actually has 10 or 11 companies registered in his name (including the so called charity one), most are at the following address –
    12 Heol Dewi Sant Cardiff
    CF14 4NN
    This guy needs stopping, total scumbag.


  46. Andy Ross says:

    I wish I had seen this article a few months ago before I lost £300 to this scam artist. I issued proceedings for the debt which went ignored and today applied for a judgment at both the company address and the Cardiff address above – doubt I’ll hear anything back based on comments above.
    Does Anthony have a full address for the one given above? Maybe I’ll try there too.
    So upset – have never been mugged off like this before.


  47. tom says:

    nearly 40 years old and still being taken on holiday with his fam #bless

    but wait! is he in spain italy or greece!?!? keep serious fraud squad guessing scott!!


    • Anthony Stuart says:

      probably having more hairplugs added with his daddy in spain. imagine his kids looking at him and seeing a mumbling wurzel gummidge who lives at home at 40, skint, but probably has his dads debit card to buy sweets and rent posh cars he can say are his, spending all his time taking bathroom selfies of his stupid duck face while constantly posting motivational post after post in the hope some muppet thinks hes remotely successful. hell be skint for ever and all hell be known for is being a crap pt. never actually trained a winner from what i know. I would be crying in my pants all day long if i was his age and as much as a failure to be making my way in life copy and pasting bollox training programs for a few quid. sad.


  48. Andy says:

    Got £200 back yesterday from him of the £300 I had paid after issuing a judgement against him and quoting the Newport address above. Not everything but a start. Then managed to get a local PT at my gym to give me the 10 week diet and training advice I originally wanted from Scott for free because he had also been scammed by Scott a few years ago. The guy is dangerous.


  49. jrdntrrydvs says:

    Details on ‘Francis diet LTD’ registered address;

    Guy is too thick for words


  50. Gary Owen says:

    one thing im noticing with all this publicity going to how schitzo donald trump is is just how siimilar they are. trump convinced a doctor to give him a report saying that he was the most healthy presidential candidate ever and publicised it only it didnt take five minutes for the press to work out that the guy wasnt rven a doctor and just some for hire bum who does colonic irrigation who made up the letter and wrote ot in 2 minutes. but trump was happy to use it because the guy looked like a doctor. as in he can barely recognise the shapes but the lights are on but nobodies home. can see francis going completely doolally giving everybody diet plans in the mental home lmfao


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